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Megabloks Halo Covenant Phantom

Rating Reviews 5 Stars

I do believe you will love that the building set offers heavily armed with 3 plasma turrets that rotate a full 360 °. Other features include buildable type-52 troop carrier/phantom and covenant weapons. The Halo set dimensions are 15.25" Height x 23.5" Length x 9.5" Width. It weighs around 1.2 lbs. - Toy
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Megabloks Halo Eva's Last Stand

Rating Reviews 4 Stars

Snap and make with Halo Eva's Last Stand , a great building set made by Megabloks. One of the several best features for this building set is the includes 1 green eva spartan and 2 covenant hunters with weapons. 96937U is the manufacturer's number for this Halo set. It's 11.25" Height x 13.5" Length x 2" Width. It has a weight of 0.99 lbs. The warranty is: lifetime warranty. - Toy
Halo, Building Toys, Eva's, Authentic
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Megabloks Halo Unsc Elephant

Rating Reviews 5 Stars

Among the many best features for these Megablocks is the includes new black recon armor spartan micro action figures and 6 marines. Additional features include buildable unsc elephant, 3 laav machine guns and includes buildable unsc mongoose. It's dimensions are 14.5"H x 24"L x 4"W and weighs just about 3.99 lbs. - Toy
Elephant, Megabloks, Halo, Unsc, -unsc
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Megabloks Halo Unsc Falcon With Landing Pad

Rating Reviews 5 Stars

Searching to buy an exceptionaly fun building set? Halo Unsc Falcon is an increadibly fun Halo set! I definitely loved that the building set had buildable unsc falcon --the warthog of the skies. Additional features consist of buildable landing pad. 065541969407 is the UPC barcode for this building set. The Halo set dimensions are 12.25" Height x 22.25" Length x 11" Width and has got a weight of 2.09 lbs. - Toy
Building Toys, Falcon, -unsc, Halo
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Megabloks Halo Unsc Wolverine (green)

Rating Reviews 5 Stars

I have to reveal to you this excellent building set called made by Megabloks. The EAN-13 barcode for this building set is 0065541968332. I definitely loved that it has includes 1 unsc blue marine and 1 covenant hunter mini-figs. Other features include dual xm511 heavy grenade launchers. The building set dimensions are 19.5"H x 11.25"L x 2"W. It weighs something like 1.1 lbs. - Toy
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