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Mega Bloks Odst Sniper

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Odst Sniper

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Best way to put together with the Odst Sniper . I really believe you will love that the building set features this feature of upper exterior panels really deploy as a drag parachute. Other highlights consist of removeable cockpit door and includes odst sniper and sniper rifle. The building set dimensions are 11.25"H x 4"L x 2.5"W. For the best deal on this Halo set besides other Megablocks, check out the shopping cart button below.

The Single Occupant Exoatmosphere Insertion Vehicle (SOEIV) , also referred to as the Human Entry Vehicle, is really a uniquely created combat insertion pod produced to permit for the deployment of soldiers into contested fields of battle from low space orbit. Right after the pod clears orbit and reaches the atmosphere, the upper exterior panels separate from the pod to generate a drag-type parachute to support in slowing the Pod on entry. Features include: • Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Pod with hidden supply compartments• Removeable cockpit door• Upper exterior panels really deploy as a drag parachute• Includes ODST Sniper and sniper rifle Head into battle feet first, arm your trooper with his sniper rifle and send some Covenant forces on their own personal Wonderful Journey! The included ODST Sniper is a crack-shot educated to eliminate enemy combatants from distance without the danger of direct combat.


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