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Halo Mega Bloks Halo Odst Covert Ops Specialist

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Mega Bloks Odst Covert Ops Specialist
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You need to give your child the Mega Bloks Odst Covert Ops Specialist a very good Halo set a great building set from Halo. Among the list of best characteristics for this item is the includes odst covert ops specialist and spartan laser. Other highlights include removable cockpit door. It's 11.25"H x 4"L x 2.5"W, click on the hyperlink below.

Mega Bloks ODST Covert Ops Specialist comes with Drop pod, a uniquely created combat insertion pod, that features a removable cockpit and has been created for deployment of soldiers from low space orbit. Age: 8 years and up FeaturesRemovable cockpit doorDrop pod with hidden supply compartmentsUpper exterior panels deploy as drag parachuteInterchangeable parts for authentic builds and customized unitsPromotes role play and funStimulates creativity and imagination Children can have fun building the drop-pod and also creating battle scenes between the Specialist and the enemy. This set consists of buildable Covert Ops Specialist armed with Spartan Laser, capable of wiping the enemy forces. This set can promote story-telling and role play. Right after the pod clears the orbit and reaches the atmosphere, the upper exterior panels separate from the pods and grow to be a drag-type parachute.


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